What is the value of a repaired piece of furniture? When restoring, the item receives more attention than at any stage of the industrial process, yet the assumed value of the restored piece is still lower than the original, isn't it?

How do you assign value to something that fulfills its original purpose perfectly but falls short in the social aspect when assessing its worth? The realm of memories represents the highest form of value, yet it is purely personal and challenging to transfer. The value of things is intertwined with memories and, as a result, cannot be measured, for example, in monetary terms.

We found these chairs (Avarte A504, Kukkapuro) from the wastecenter. One was slightly worn and dirty, the other badly bent. I repaired the bent one, taking about 4 hours to restore it to the stage where it will last at least a human lifetime.

Stages of repair in the order of an action:
Bent the seat support
Bent the frame support
Bent the left frame
Bent the supporting frames
Measure tubing
Cut tubes
Mark holes
Cut and tap holes
Set up welder
Weld tubes
Grind the welds
Disassemble plastic pieces from original
Assemble plastic end plugs
Mark, drill and tap holes for the plastic feets