Common stool
Part of the Nuts and Bolts -series

Height adjustable stool - for soldering, for welding made without actions of soldering or welding.
The use of virgin plastic can hardly be reasoned. General level of using virgin plastic should be set high and applied only to scenarios where its really a necessity. But, at the same time, are industries bushing the development of recycled plastics to make them proper, reasoned and perhaps cheapest option.

The point of the series is to apply idea of generic design. To make designs based on materials and processes that are easily available and simple to replicate. I only used materials and hardware that is easy to gather from general hardware stores here (in Kvl, Finland) as well as elsewhere, everywhere really.

What are the materials and type of a hardware that is offered for consumers and for industries? And, is there really any wider desire to minimize and eliminate environmentally harmful materials?

Here, I'm reasoning my own use of plastic to make a point of using it, nearly paradoxically. But, is this valid point to use something problematic on a way of making a point and for paying more attention to general material usage and critically observe what are the materials offered? As a answer for my own question, here, it's not really a valid reasoning. In this scenario, making workstools sitting plate, material could have been Anything else than plastic, the scale and the resistance that one piece needs to hold is minimal, even simplest, untreated piece of plywood would last years in mediocre use. Type of plastic used here is usually used under heavy industrial use, being resistant for chemicals, heat, and is excellent under constant rubbing.

In this case, the use of plastic was intentional, but more often the use of problematic materials is not intentional or simply not cared about. However, in my general frustration, I represent the majority by being careless and indifferent at times.

As long as plastics (or other questionable materials) are offered for consumers and for industries, as long people are going to use them. Only when the offering is minimised, highly prized or otherwise made hard to get, people are willing to find alternatives and adabt to the changes. Same idealogy applies elsewhere, or does it? - 05/2024